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How do I get my results?

Once you have completed your survey and uploaded the audio files onto the BTO Acoustic Pipeline, retrieving your results is very straightforward. Read below to find out how!

Results summary

A general summary of all species identified in your recordings can be found by clicking here


Upload summary

1. From the 'Data Home' page, click on 'My Data'

2. Select the year and month of your upload. You may need to click 'refresh status' for results to appear.

3. Click 'View Visualisations'

4. Click on each 'Species Name' for more detailed visualisations of each species identified in your recordings.


Project summary

A summary of all the data ever submitted to the North Somerset Bat Survey is accessible to all registered volunteers.

1. Click here and log in to your BTO account.

2. Then, click here.

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