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Dr Luke Romaine

Role: Project Officer

Project: North Somerset Bat Survey


I am an ecologist passionate about building a sustainable future with resilient ecosystems. I have a particular academic interest in using pure questions in behavioural & evolutionary ecology to inform conservation.


In July 2023, I completed my PhD at the University of Bristol, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council as part of the GW4+ Doctoral Training Partnership. My research used a combination of lab and field-based approaches to better understand the sociobiology and life history of horseshoe bats in the UK (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum & Rhinolophus hipposideros).


I joined the BCRL as the North Somerset Bat Survey Project Officer in 2023 to manage and deliver our ongoing project. North Somerset is home to 16 of the UK's 17 known breeding species. Yet we know little of where precisely they are distributed. We need help from the public to inform evidence-based sustainable development. Please visit if you would like to get involved

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